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Welcome to Endower.biz, your reliable and cost effective CBD Wholesale for Germany and Europe. With us you are guaranteed at any time the best CBD products that are currently available on the market. We offer you wide range of cannabidiol products at low wholesale prices. As a CBD B2B merchant, we maintain close contact with our business customers and therefore always ensure satisfaction on both sides. In addition, we can rely on years of experience in the field of cannabinoids and their commercialization.

We offer exclusively CBD products of the highest quality, by selecting the most renowned manufacturers of CBD Products in Europe.

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When buying via our CBD wholesale shop you can rest assured that you will always have the right products for your customers. We do offer Drop shipping Solutions for our customers in Germany CBD Dropshipping For more Information please contact your sales agent.

Our Philosophy

We want to distribute CBD products that are 100% natural and of surpreme quality. Therefore, Ewe have carefully selected only the best CBD manufacturers. Our philosophy also includes an honest and transparent cooperation. Fairness and customer satisfaction are our top priority.

With our large and motivated team, we can tackle the most diverse projects in a targeted and efficient manner. Work together with us and benefit from our experience in the ever expanding CBD market.

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Eduard Großmann
Head of Sales
Email: b2b@endower.de
Tel: +49 (0)30 – 403 631 671

CBD Legal and secure

Endower GmbH is one of the market leaders in the cannabinoid market, a valuable component of the hemp plant. We are specialized in the trade of CBD products and the marketing of these. This also includes the well-founded knowledge of which products may be legally distributed at home and abroad. We are happy to inform you as our customer if you have any questions and we guarantee that we only carry legal and correctly registered products. We therefore deliberately refrain from CBD hemp flowers and other products, which are not legal in Germany. Our close cooperation with the country's best legal experts in the field of CBD, guarantees you safe environment to do business in.

Legally protected

Supported by the best specialized attorneys

Well-founded know how

We inform ourselves for you!

Large selection of CBD products

The CBD wholesale of Endower.biz is characterized by the huge selection of different CBD products. Our product selections features all popular CBD products such als CBD oils, CBD cosmetics, newly developed CBG products, or e-Liquids and vaporizers. Most products are also available in different CBD strengths, this wide range guarantees satisfied customers all over Europe guaranteed..


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We guarantee CBD products of the highest quality

All our CBD wholesale products have been lab tested for their purity.We can therefore guarantee that they are of the highest quality. In order to be transparent to our CBD B2B customers, we provide you with all laboratory reports of our cannabidiol products upon request. This way you can be sure to offer your customers only the best CBD products.